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Paul Brittain

Founder & CEO

Paul Brittain grew up in an agriculture community in New Jersey. He began working for Dutch farmers in his early teens and gained an interest in commodities while hearing them discuss prices of grains and other agricultural products.  One of the gentlemen he worked for had a coin business and this is when Paul first entered the futures markets by investing in silver with a commodity account.Paul then entered the futures industry as a professional by becoming a broker in 1983 with a firm located in Somerset, New Jersey. He worked throughout the years for many firms in New Jersey and New York City before becoming an independent broker and moving to sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.As an “Industry Veteran” Paul’s articles on trading have been published in Futures Magazine, Stocks and Commodities Magazine, Active Trader Magazine, Option Trader Magazine, PitNews Magazine, and Trader Monthly.  He has also participated on trading panels as an “experienced options broker” throughout the country.He publishes several trading signal newsletters, The Beast, The Big MacDaddy and the Optionologist.  Paul has co-written books on the futures markets that are found on Amazon still to this day.Realizing that a better trader made a better customer, Paul founded Commodity Trading School along with Lan Turner in 2004 for individual investors to learn from a beginners stand point about the commodity markets. This website provides FREE educational webinars, video newsletters, and live conferences throughout the year, all designed to help traders learn more about the markets as well as to learn advanced trading techniques and strategies, all in an attempt to help anyone interested in becoming a better trader.Paul now lives in Las Vegas where he works as an educator, and independent broker, assisting his preferred clients in capitalizing on opportunities within the futures markets.  When Paul is not servicing customer accounts, writing articles, or teaching his online classes, his other passion and great love is building, restoring, and driving his classic muscle cars.
PS.  Paul is currently accepting new clients in his consulting practice, and he would be happy to talk with you in person.  Call: 312-870-1650 for a free consultation to see if working directly with Paul is right for you.  (Remember, even Tiger Woods has a coach.
“You don’t last long in this business if you don’t know what you’re doing...I’ve seen a lot of young kids come and go in this industry, I’ve been here, doing this since 1983, nothing more needs to be said; call me before you place your next trade...”   -- Paul

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