Daily Classes

June 29, 2018 @ 5:15 am – January 20, 2019 @ 6:30 am
Daily Trading Classes
Paul Brittain

Commodity Trading School

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the webinar ID is 390-225-931

Every Trading Day 
5:20 am – 730 am pacific
Monday through Friday
Trader Aid Day Trading Room
We will teach you how to scalp the E-Mini S&P, Euro currency & Crude Oil using a NO COST, RISK FREE Practice account in a live market environment which will allow you to learn to trade without cost of any kind.
We will be focusing on THREE different methods of trading;
scalping the Emini S&P using pressure points
The Euro using a moving average cross-over’s similar to the Big MacDaddy
Crude Oil using a combination of standard trading techniques
We do this in an attempt to help you find a method you are comfortable with as well as use.
Join us every morning at 5:20 am west coast time to learn the methods professional traders employ to identify trading opportunities in the various financial markets.  We feel that this simple yet effective way to trade the markets can make a huge difference in the way you trade.  We are DEMO trading in a live market environment to assist you in the daily quest of potential profits before 7:30 am pacific.  Come watch learn and demo trade with us!
Trading Education 6am
Every Saturday morning we have an educational class on trading futures and options ranging from beginner classes to advanced in a 30 day cycle so watch the emailed schedule for details

6:00 am – The Breakfast Club
Paul Brittain will teach you the ingredients as well as the trading methodology behind them.
In this class we will cover the following points
Learn how to identify a potential trend as it is emerging
How to Trail Stops
Using Support and Resistance
Money Management
Using Computer Generated Oscillators
You will learn the Method to the Madness that we have been using over the last 20 years to trade the markets!