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April 5

Crude Oil is currently in a downward pattern and it’s recent rally seems to have fullfilled its Fibonacci Digestive needs, technically the market is giving us a target under 50.00
#1 Bear Put Spread with a Naked Leg
Buy the July Crude Oil 5100 put
Sell the July Crude Oil 4900 put
Sell the July Crude Oil 5500 Call NAKED LEG
Margin Requirement  $2100
Risk /Reward Profile  The Trade has unlimited risk above 55.00 with limited profit potential of $2,000 plus the credit collected before commission and fee considerations with the market at or below 49.00  The Trade is currently being filled at a $560 credit

#2 Bear Put Butterfly
Buy the July 5100 put
Sell two July 4900 puts
Buy the July 4700 put
Cost and Risk $250 before commission and fees
Profit Zone is between 5100 and 4700 with 4900 being the maximum return of $2000

Please remember that spread trades are charged commission and fees per leg, per contract

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